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CALL FOR PAPERS - The horizons of the symbolic imagination in the world of nature

We are pleased to announce the call for papers for the second issue of “Cosmotheoros”, the International Journal of Environmental Epistemology. In this case, its main theme deals with the symbolic roots that vertebrate the countless imaginaries around nature that run through human history. The goal of this issue is to publish articles focused on the symbol considered as the basis of our understanding of the natural reality, which has generally been ignored in contemporary scenarios where the eco-political discourse, or certain dominant worldviews of the natural, are established under the influence of economic and techno-scientific criteria. With that in mind, there seems to be, with some relevant exceptions (Carl Gustav Jung, Ernst Cassirer, Pavel Florenskij, Paul Ricoeur, Edwin Panofsky, Nathan Söderblom, Rudolf Otto, Mircea Eliade, Gilbert Durand, etc.), an lack of approaches in conventional academic literature that address symbol as a complex set of beliefs and ideas about nature. However, the symbol has never been in danger of disappearing. It persists in the most reserved substrata of human culture, offering a concrete experience of natural reality that moves between the affective, the volitional and the cognitive. This is why the emblematic part of nature continues to possess a capital, albeit discreet, importance also in our modernity, insofar as it possesses an unquestionable expressive force to channel the aesthetic-literary reveries, the technological mythologems of the present, the fictional anticipations and the future imaginaries of our role on a terrestrial scale. The editors welcome the application of original manuscripts on nature as symbol, covering approaches in the fields of philosophy, arts, psychoanalysis, anthropology, mythology, religion, sociology, and so on. Some of the topics that would be appropriate for this special issue include, but are not limited, the following:

  • Symbolic re-elaborations of nature throughout history and the emergence of new imaginaries of «the natural».
  • Renewal and transformation of the expressive codes, meanings and spaces of symbolism of nature in our modernity.
  • The symbolism of the natural in contemporary techno-scientific discourse.
  • Natural symbolism and its impact on the ecological perspective of reality.
  • The symbolic order of the world versus the taxonomic classification of nature.
  • Prototypical representations of the natural imaginary in different cultures around the world.
  • Nature in literature and its cultural impact.

Submission and Review Process

Authors are asked to please follow the submission guidelines available at here

The deadline for submissions

Full papers should be submitted to the managing editors for review by 15 de septiembre de 2022 to the fallowing email:

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